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This is just a story in my head, but it seems pretty obvious by now. Venus is Radioactive. The Moon tried to love Venus, very much, but unfortunately, the second celestal object in our System could only love one thing, and that is war. Saddened by it, the Moon had no choice but to leave it behind and find another lover to whom He could form an attachment to. So the Moon took his water away from Venus, and gave it all to our little green friend. Since that point on, the Moon has been sending its kisses to the green-haired Earth every night, its kisses echoing through the waves of the oceans, the wind blowing its trees, the oxygen you and I breathe. The Moon gave it's all, and it seems he decided to take us further into the Unknown, the Future, the story you and I long to live. Onwards, to Mars, together!
Foreword, a message to my dear readers;

I'll admit - I haven't read many books, and usually, once I'd start one, I'd never take it to the finish line (I've come to believe I just don't like endings, period. Neither good, nor bad.). . I'm developing my writing skills whilst also trying to tell a story that weaves with the readers as well as with the writer (in this case, myself). Rarely will two stories be connected directly, but in time, you will come to realise that, in fact, everything is connected.

In my writing style, you might happen across acronyms which may point two different paragraphs if the story is long enough. Instead of writing "See Paragraph 13", I'll just abbreviate in brackets, like this "(P.13)"

Writing is art, and art is, at its core, the science of the heart.

I suppose it was high time I said hello as well, and many thanks for the warm welcomes from so many users, or I'd rather say, DevianTs! I'm going to start my activity here as well quite soon, all that I ask is feedback and criticism (believe it or not, I like it when someone points out my flaws. I'm aware of some of them, but some aren't as obvious) and just a lil' time for me to get used to how things really work. Having your own concept that defies other concepts isn't a really positive way to go about.

Glad to be here, let's all enjoy our stay!